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GSR TEAM which was founded and managed by Sotiris Galatsis, has the organization and the know-how aiming to provide the perfect services to those who wish to engage with Karting. In order to ensure efficiency and continuous improvement of the operation to achieve its goals and objectives, it implements advanced systems to ensure that learning this demanding sport is done in the best possible way. GSR Team has courses for children from 5 years old to 8 years old, as well as racing tracking courses for Mini category for ages 8 to 12 years old. For the bigger age categories, Junior and Senior which is from 13 years old to age 100, there are specially adapted courses. Levels change according to our clients requirements, whether you want to become a racer or just have it as a hobby. Our team, apart from its racing activity in Greece, from 2021 onwards, is also active in Italy with presence in the IAME Series Italy, Trofeo Andrea Margutti, WSK Series, Coppa Italia and Italian Campionato. In Greece our racing base is at the Karting track "KARTODROMO" in Afidnes near Athens and in Italy at South Garda Racing track in Lonato. In addition to training programs, we trade, repair and provide services on all types of karts providing flexibility to our customers for their best service.




See our drivers which compete in Italian Championship.




See our drivers which compete in Greek Championship.

The Team Drivers

Our Drivers compete in two countries in several Race Tracks trying their best. You can meet our driverst here.

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